04.04 Create Arcs/Circles/Random Numbers

There are other types of Curves as well. Arcs and Circles are a good example, and when it comes to the mathematics behind them they are kind of the same thing. Let us check them out and spice it up with some random number generation.

Let me remind You why You are doing this in C++ and not in Grasshopper: 

  • If you know how to program in C++ you will be able to do much more stuff than you can do in GH..
  • For the sake of exercise, I am programming the methods that already exist in Rhino or Grasshopper...but once You learn how to use this, You will know how to create methods that do not exist...that is the whole point of programming
  • Whatever You program in C++, especially if you do something in an iterative manner, something that works in loops, like optimization...that will work much faster than GH...because whatever you do in GH it has to be translated before it gets executed
  • In Grasshhopper the complexity grows exponentially very quickly...when you program you can organize your code in different files, classes, functions and have an overview. Graphical programming can get very confusing very fast...
  • With Grasshhopper you cannot make an actual plug-in...something that is neatly packed and works on its own

Reminder: you can download the entire visual solution, with all the code used in this course. The link for the solution is at the bottom (bellow the video) of lectures 02.05 - 02.10.

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